Wish upon a star

A month or so after my love passed away my son was turning 4 he absolutely refused to blow the candles out on his cake no matter how much we tried to make it a good day no matter how Normal we tried to make it it just wasn’t and would never be again. He literally pushed his cake away and simply thanked everyone and walked away he didn’t even have any interest in opening his gifts. Later that evening he was sitting outside with his mamaw when across the sky a beautiful shooting star soared my mom said make a wish baby he dropped his little head and covered his face and said I don’t believe in wishes anymore mamaw cause I wished for my daddy to come back and he didn’t so wishes aren’t real. I myself just as she realized that in that very moment the magic was lost never to return again. With a mother’s broken heart I remember thinking what a way for a child to learn that magic didn’t exist never had and wouldn’t ever again. This seemed like a bad ending to a poorly made movie but it wasn’t this was real life it was our life. Later that night I had a dream about seeing , walking and talking with God he led me to a plant that was dead brown and had no life he broke a branch and looked at it then started to speak as he handed the tiny dead twig to me he said even in the deadest of dead there is still life there is still something beautiful that will come to be from it and I understood. I would not let this be the moment that defined us I would not let this be the moment my children would never forget the moment that all that was good would be gone the moment the magic died. I told them the next day of my dreams in terms they could understand I explained that even if they couldn’t see their daddy he was still with them and magic was something he loved so much he believed in it and so should they he was there imaginary friend he was the breeze that blew through their hair on a warm summer day he was their strength when they were afraid and he was the shooting star that crossed the sky whenever they were missing him. This gave them comfort it gave them peace and it allowed the magic to return they thought they once had lost forever.


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