What we’ve taught our children.

I sit here and look at our babies who aren’t babies anymore and I just know how Proud you are in Heaven as you look down at them. Our little boy has grown into an amazing young man and father himself to a wonderful 4 year old little boy. He kept his promise he made so many years ago to become a police officer and is so strong, caring and compassionate towards others. Our little girl is fixing to be a mommy herself to a little girl come September. She is strong ,compassionate and kind. They both have faithful hearts and have learned to take their broken wings, broken hearts and broken promises from others and fly. I see you in their every move Hunter is a ghostly reminder of who you were and are. He walks like you and talks like you he even loves like you. Jordy has your heart and your upbeat personality she shines brighter than any star in the sky. Even though you are not here I have you here in them. I only wish them love and a life full of hope and blessings I hope they find what we once had a love that transcends even death a legacy filled with all they could dream. A love so true so real so unconditional it can never be broken. I know you are proud and your heart is full because mine is. I know you are watching over us all and I will love them for us both and pick them up when they fall and let them know it’s ok just try again I have their back for us both and on this they can always depend.They amaze me every day with whom they have become.


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