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The Sinner and the Saint

We each believe in different things, and that’s ok as long as we believe in something. It’s no ones place to judge you or pass judgment on another for what they believe in remember only God can judge you only God sits that high only he has that is the great I AM and he is the only one that is truly perfect . I am the Apitimy of nondenominational I was raised southern Baptist cause of course I’m from a small southern one of the heart of the Bible Belt kind of towns.

I’m not exactly nondenominational either I don’t suppose I believe everyone is right in there own way everyone has a right to believe the way they want I believe one denomination is no more right than the other as long as they believe in something I think he reaches people in his own way just like no one person or child learns the same neither do we. I believe it’s not our place to say just how close one is to God or isn’t you maybe passing judgment on someone for looking different, dressing, different, or just because you think they are odd and what you maybe doing is passing judgment on an angel he’s sent here to see, to test you. I am a sinner I strive to do good to live right to be kind to everyone some people may see this as a flaw I see it as God made just the way I am, and loves me just the way I am, and hes not expecting perfect.He knows we are all gonna have moments of doubt or fear or be lead a stray he already knows He knows because only he knows the real us the true self that we so often times try to hide, he knows our heart, our spirit, our soul. I don’t care what your religious belief is or isn’t, if your in need I would reach out as quick to help a non believer as I would a believer, I think the Great I am puts in the right place at the right time. He has his reasons and maybe he sends a message that you never even knew he sent through you to someone else because it wasn’t meant for you to know but that person gets it. Im no saint I’ve never claimed to be but do I try my best to help my neighbor, or the homeless on the street, or the stranger I’ve just bumped into in a store yes I do we all have a story to tell we all have something that changed us from the innocent child we were when we came into this world to who we are now. Only Love can conquer hate, only love can breakdown evil. So my house isn’t fancy it’s no mansion but its rich with love, it’s the house that love built, that love made a home and its open to all the sinners, the saints, the back sliderd, the atheist, those that other people see as the outcast. Whether it’s because of their beliefs or their non beliefs, or their gender identy is different. My house is the house of no judgement the house where I teach my children to love everyone, to not judge cause it’s not the their place to extend a hand to anyone in need, to never carry hate in your heart because hatred only consumes you not the one your hating ,A place where God sees ni difference in the color of skin he sees us all as his children,A house where we are the richest people in the world because we are rich in love, hope,and in faith.A place where the sinner has a seat at my table as well as the saint a place where I see who you are not what you believe and that’s perfect to me.My mom Joey has always taught us God sees no color he sees beauty in all of us because we are all a part of him and he’s all colors red, yellow, black and white. And he loves us flaws and all.So no matter what your race, belief or color is you are welcome at my house.

Walking in Darkness

I know what it’s like to feel alone even in a crowd of people to just feel lonely, out of place, ever since I was young I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite belong here or I was born in the wrong time period. That I never quite fit in anywhere and home what was that my home was filled with fighting, screaming and threats. I never really knew where I was gonna sleep that night or the next being told to choose one parent or the other watching my mom crumble and try to kill herself twice when I was 5. I was born with cancer of the esophagus so going through painful treatments on top of all of this wasn’t fun ,the type of cancer I was born with was something they didn’t really know how to treat so I was there lab rat. I’m gonna share something I’ve never really told anyone when I was 4 I use to cut my finger tips just to watch them bleed. My mom caught me she asked the doctor if I had something wrong with me?He said no there is nothing wrong with her,there must be a lot of fighting around her because this comes from stress and nervousness. Little did he know it was a war zone. My brothers having to intervene me hiding in a closet watching through the crack in the door praying that daddy wasn’t gonna shoot mommy which he didn’t I don’t think he even realized he still had the gun in his hand that he had been cleaning. Don’t get me wrong there were good times they were far and few between “it was one of those things were when it was good it was really good when it was bad it was really bad. ” I remember living with my brother Ronnie and getting home sick which was weird cause I really had no home but I was missing my mom whom was in some hospital at the times I remember my brother trying to hold me and make it better cause I was little and he’s 12 years older than me and he was married with a baby of his own a beautiful babygirl Chasity who later came and basically lived with me and my love and Toby he always treated her as his own. I remember living with my other brother Tony whom is 9 years older than me and his wife Vickie they had their own little family with a beautiful little girl named Tiffany whom like Chas spent a lot of time with me and Toby when I met Toby I was so scared ,so broken,who could ever love me I was damaged , I wasn’t even a whole person, I was out of place. But he changed all that I broke down on him told him everything , told him I was no good, I was damaged goods and wouldn’t blame him for running I also told him I had been messed with by someone when I was little in my life so I didn’t like sex. He said you are perfect, you are perfect to me let me in I can heal your wounds and I would never make you do anything you didn’t want to do ever you are safe with me I would die to keep you safe.I just love being near you, holding you, loving you, he said why can’t you see there is nothing wrong with you. You have a light that shines so bright and you have a way of making people just want to be near you. I was thinking you can’t be talking about me , me the one that felt like no one ever wanted them around never ,the one that felt like I was nothing more than a mistake when I was born , the one that was damaged, not me. He said let me in and I can help you. And he did we vowed never to fight in front of our kids and never go to bed angry and to always ,always every single day say I Love you. For once I had somewhere I belonged, somewhere I was enough, just me. Somewhere I was wanted,where the love shined so bright the stars would have been Enivios. I’m so blessed I got to have him for the time I did cause he healed most of the bleeding wounds, he healed my broken heart and I had a home. The day he passed I’m so thankful I said I love you and gave him a hug and kiss like always I’m glad I had that chance. He was my strength , my rock, my home. And it all came crashing down March 15th 2001 it’s a day I will never forget it’s a day my heart shattered into a million pieces it’s the day half of me died too. I stood up and stayed strong because of my children. I went through things no one should ever have to go through when they just lost the love of their life. People can be so cruel I found out for a fact. And some are sheep in wolves clothing. I’m so Glad I had the ones I did my kids, my mom,my dad, my brothers, my sister in law, my ex sister in laws all of them are like sisters to me and the few truely ,truely good friends that met me at the funeral home and said you didn’t think we would let you do this alone did you. I believe Toby’s spirit was there I seen it in different things. I am so Glad I had my heavenly Father as well because everytime something really bad would happen during this time something really good would counter act it. I still see my love in my dreams when it let’s me and I’m whole once again even if it’s only in my dreams. Then I wake and I’m only half a person once again. I still have moments of feeling alone even in a house full of people I still feel the black whole in my heart, the void, the empty space. But I look at my babies and their babies and think we did it my love they are so beautiful and happy. I still find myself going to that dark place in my mind but then I look at my new little one that’s 5 and has a light like no other or my 16 year old that’s me in boy form he’s me made over and he will crack a joke and I have to laugh. So my children are my light just know you are never alone there is always a light you just have to find it sometimes it seems to hard to see but don’t give up I will be your ear if you need one. And there is never a time frame on grief it’s different for everyone don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you should be over your loss because until They’ve walked a mile in your shoes or experience it for themselves then have no right to make that call. Time never heals the loss it just helps you to keep moving on. The sun will rise whether you want it to or not. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and no your not alone.

If you feel alone your not you can always message me and never surrender 💕Watch “Corey Hart – Never Surrender (Official Music Video)” on YouTube

PTSD is real

My brother Ronnie was a soldier he’s retired now but I seen him go through flash backs from going to war my sister in law Angie was a soldier too both are veterans. I seen him wake up fighting he seen so much I always tried to help so did my love they were more like brothers instead of brother in laws. They were best friends and my love could always seem to calm the storm inside of my brother, we did everything together, vacations, camping trips where these two almost burnt down the camp site at land between the Lakes trying to start a camp fire. When my love passed and things were so crazy and hazy I called my brother he dropped everything him and my sister Angie and I remember him saying I’m coming sis I’m coming he was stationed in Clarksville so they made the long trip. I also remember being told over the phone he was dead I called the hospital and asked if they had my husband they said yes I said is he ok?! They said no ma’am he’s dead not what you want to hear for sure I remember hitting my knees and hearing someone screaming I didn’t realize at the time it was me I cried out for my other brother Tony who caught me just as I hit the floor. If it hadn’t been for my brothers I don’t know what I would have done. They were taking it hard too cause they lost a brother , a friend, a confident. I remember my brother Tony driving me to the hospital and getting stopped right beside the wreck he passed in and him telling the troopers I was his wife I didn’t need to see this and them apologizing and letting us through. I remember going in and seeing him laying there looking like he was sleeping. I remember praying for the strength to stand. My oldest brother Ronnie came in after I got back home and just held me we wept together. I am so thankful for my brothers my sister in law and my mom the few true friends that stood by me. I will never completely be able to understand what my bubby went through in the wars he served in, but I know PTSD is a real thing cause I still have nightmares about the things that happened I still have moments where I see something or hear something that takes me back to that day. I had some friends that said they couldn’t be my friend anymore cause I had lost my love and they still had theirs so it was too hard to be around me. I never mourned really cause I had some people saying you can’t cry you have to be strong for your children, but I will never forget the ones that stood by me and cried and loved my love as much as I did I will never forget my 3 year old kissing his daddy and saying I will make you proud daddy I will be a policeman and he is now, or my beautiful 10 year old dark eyed angel saying everything will be ok we have each other. I will never forget people fighting over his things and tearing our home apart all the while I was thinking take it and go cause I has the best part of him I had our babies. The babies aren’t babies anymore and they have babies of their own now but I know he’s smilling down and I feel him still all around us, cause a love like we had surpasses even death. God has blessed me he never closes one door without opening another. But the nightmare of that time and the whole my love left behind will forever be apart of my life. My nieces chasity, bree, Tiffany, and raeanna, Brittany all these babies loved him like a 2nd dad they were with us all the time so he left a huge empty space for them as well but they have the memories of the time spent with him fishing, playing with them or camping plus the sleep overs and him letting the girls put make up on him. I know his light shines bright still and we will all see him again. “As my brother said PTSD affects all walks of life it’s not just a soldier illness,” but I definitely want to thank the ones that served our country and want to let anyone suffering from a loss or this illness know there is light at the end of the tunnel and your never alone.And there is no time limit on grief…

Princess Islei Arabella made her arrival 💞

My beautiful dark haired daughter had her daughter! I’m so excited to be a momaw again to this angel Islei Arabella my love is smilling down he’s a papaw again here she is💞😍

Funny story

Time for a short funny story I had to have surgery on my right kidney I had a large obstruction in the tube. So I left with full confidence that my older boys who are 22 and 16 could put my 5 year old on his class connect with his teacher cause I homeschool all my children even my one that is now a police officer. All the way down the road the boys kept calling ok mom we clicked the link ok mom what timer is he talking about the timer that let’s you know class has started Hunter, oh ok. A few minutes later hey mom clicked link what now will his teacher just spawn him in?!!! Nooooo Hunter it’s not Minecraft it’s kindergarten you will have join with video and audio okayyyy.. Hey ma we got it now where’s his pencils in pencil box no just crayons other pencil box dang mom kindergarten is hard… 😂😂😂my bestie texted in mean time and said I would have went down and done Kross school with him you’ll come back to everything burned down😂just kidding a couple of the kids will be alive and half your house will still be standing have a great surgery love ya… No worries I will go check on them when Darrell gets back from work if you aren’t home yet.. 😂thanks… Lol needless to say all was good except the older boys were Exausted and needed a nap but they survived kindergarten with the little one and my house was cleaned up. Love them Hunter, Harley and Zaine needed a nap after their day Kross was still going strong… 😁

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